Women, and Pratfalls, and Gays! Oh, My! A Farewell to infoMania

infoMania, Current’s long-running satire of news and pop culture, ended its tv reign this past week.

I’d like to pay tribute to infoMania by sharing some of my all-time favorite segments from “Target Women,” “That’s Gay,” and “Viral Video Film School.”

— — —


“Target Women,” hosted by Sarah Haskins, focused on how marketing and mass media shamelessly pander to women.

This particular segment skewers skin care commercials, demonstrating how commercials use visual representations of science (Molecules! Microscopes!) and complex-sounding science-y jargon (Collagen biospheres!) in order to obtain a position of truth and authority. (We sound smart, so you can trust us! Buy our skin products!)

— — —


Bryan Safi’s “That’s Gay” explored gay issues and stereotypes as they are portrayed by the clueless media.

In the following feature, also centered around tv ads, Bryan dissects the use of homosexuality as a punchline and the subtle and not-so-subtle ways major companies create “separate but equal” commercials.

Sometimes, all it takes is one word to make something acceptable versus terrifying… Saying “honey” is like saying “strap it on and stick it in my p*ssy, you lez.”

— — —


“Viral Video Film School,” hosted by Brett Erlich, celebrated the very best and the very worst of viral videos.

Below, Professor Brett Erlich teaches you about the dos and don’ts on selling yourself, in a segment showcasing the worst demo reels.

You mean anyone’s who’s test-driven a Coupe de Ville in the Bay Area has talked to a salesperson whose boss attended an event you hosted?!?!

And who doesn’t love epic stunt fails?! Srsly.

— — —

Thank you for all the thought-provoking laughs, infoMania.


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